Twin-Path® Slings

Lifting of 755 ton pre-fabricated floor sections for the addition of the New York Hospital.
Canron Construction fabricated a special lifting device to lift the pre-fabricated concrete sections off a barge, over the FDR Freeway, and onto numerous pylons. A total of about 50 lifts were required to complete this job.

The lifting procedure required 10 slings of different capacity and length however, ALL slings were required to meet strict length tolerances as they were used simultaneously
2 slings, WLL 500,000 lbs, length 63 ft
4 slings, WLL 375,000 lbs, length 55 ft
4 slings, WLL 300,000 lbs, length 52 ft

Combined weight of ALL slings was a mere 5,200 lbs compared to over 32,000 lbs for wire rope! How would YOU like to handle such heavy wire rope slings in snow storms at sub-zero temperatures?

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