In our Montreal location we operate a Lucker
M500 Test bed having a maximum proof test capacity of 400,000 lbs. and break strength capacity of 300,000 lbs. The test bed length is 80 ft.

Operating range is 5,000 lbs to 400,000 lbs utilizing 2 dedicated load cylinders.

This machine can be set to perform cycle testing (within parameters).

This test bed has special attachments to proof test wire rope slings, synthetic flat web slings up to 12” width (e.g. boat lifting slings), all types of chain slings, round slings, high performance fiber slings, and rigging hardware.


In addition this test machine comes with a wire rope grip for up to 2-1/2” rope diameter. This grip enables us to proof test wire rope end attachments AFTER they have been installed onto ropes much longer than the test bed itself; e.g. proof testing of crane rope buttons or Torpedo style buttons swaged onto non-rotating mobile crane ropes.

The test results are captured via an hydraulic transducer and printed on to a test strip for your reference.

Montreal M500 Test bed from above. Proof test capacity of up to 400,000 lbs.
This test bed is equipped with a wire rope grip for proof testing and verification tests on installed swaged- and spelter sockets.

Some pictures showing typical tests done with the
M500 Horizontal Test Bed.

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View of both of our horizontal and vertical test beds in Montreal. They are set up in a dedicated testing area with ample room to handle large pieces of rigging equipment.
Our Custom Designed 50K Vertical Test BedIMG_2516
In addition to our M500 horizontal test we have developed a new kind of universal vertical testing equipment. This tester has 3 hydraulic cylinders which can be used independently or in tandem spanning a certified proof testing range from 80 lbs to 50,000 lbs. The maximum test piece length is 29 ft, the width is limited by the space beside the test bed. The cylinders can be freely positioned within the test bed length.

Some pictures showing typical tests done with our
50K Vertical Test Bed.

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Both of our Montreal test beds are annually calibrated to ASTM E4 Standard. In addition our M500 Horizontal Test Bed is Lloyds Register of Shipping Approved and Certified.
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