Largest Test Bed in Canada?

Unirope fires up 1,200,000 lbs machine.

Over the past several years Unirope has been toting the slogan “Strength in Testing”. Never before has this motto carried more clout.

Unirope in Mississauga, Ontario has now installed a New and Impressive 1.2 Million lbs pulling capacity test bed. The test machine, designed by Chant Engineering, leaves Unirope unrivalled in the rigging testing market.

But that’s not all. Since the installation of this new test bed in Ontario, the previous 500,000 lbs test bed has been moved to our Montreal location where our staff are now shouting in clear French “La Force est Dans Les Essais”.

This machine gives the staff at the Montreal facility the capability to perform proof testing and destruction testing right in Montreal. No matter if it is a synthetic sling, a crane rope or a piece of hardware, the lifting and rigging community of Quebec can rely on Unirope Montreal for their testing needs.

Both the Ontario and Quebec test beds have been approved by Lloyd’s Register of Shipping and are calibrated to ASTM E4 on an annual basis to provide the most accurate readings.

Add to that our 150,000 lbs Test Bed in Edmonton, which is capable of Proof-Testing non-rotating wire ropes up to 32mm diameter and of course, our 150,000 lbs Mobile Test Bed which is always available for on-site testing and inspections and you have bona fide Strength in Testing.

No matter in what language you say it, Unirope is the industry leader in testing.

One last note: If we are wrong and there indeed is a larger installed, operating and calibrated test bed in Canada, let us know.

Please contact us for more information and details on this service.