Welcome to the Sling World of Unirope®

Throughout industrial plants, utility companies, entertainment rigging, power generation, in the pipeline industry, and on construction sites, riggers have a need for soft slings that can lift material and equipment without damage to the load. For over 40 years Unirope® has been manufacturing slings made from textile materials, such as our well known Uni-Web® flat web slings.

Today, Unirope manufactures slings made from a wide variety of fibers including Polyester, Dyneema®, LCP, and K-Spec®, resulting in sling capacities of up to of over 1000 tons ! For over 25 years we are manufacturing Twin-Path® slings; hardly a ‘new’ item anymore as our extensive test- and research documents show.

Our sling products meet ASTM B30.9 and CI 1905 and any local safety regulations throughout Canada. Our test beds in Mississauga, Edmonton and Montreal are annually calibrated and certified to ASTM E4 and the ones in Mississauga and Montreal are certified by Lloyds Register of Shipping.