What is FIELDID?

FieldID is our database in which all chain slings, new, used and inspected, are stored. This database is accessible by our “field” service division and can be made accessible to our customers as well. Each sling data and inspection history is stored in this “FIELD” database which can be read by any computer with access to the internet. NO special software is required, just your late version internet browser like Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Netscape, etc.

How do I get access to the database?

Access is made availabe through a website and a series of usernames and passwords. All you need is a computer with internet access. The database is NOT located at Unirope but at a secure, professionally managed information storage facility.

How do I read the FIELDID tag?

Scanning of a lifting chain tag with an embedded RFID chip brings up all product- and safety information, as well as the past inspection history. If no chip is installed (RFID chips for 7/32” to 1/2” slings are optional) you enter one of any of 3 search criteria like sling ID number, yours or ours serial number, last inspection ID number, product type, etc.

Many Unirope products now come equipped with an FieldID tag.

This system allows us and our customers to:

  • Perform inspections and print inspection certificates on demand
  • Allows our customers to view and print their inspection certificates through their web browser
  • Have documents instantly available such as safety inspection, and product information
  • Record rigging product repair and re-certifications made by Unirope
  • Have a record of your entire sling inventory sorted by type, location within your plant, past and next required safety inspection
  • Move and record sling locations around your plant
  • Share inspection and test certificate records with government auditing bodies
  • Make better decisions about your sling’s performance by analyzing maintenance data
  • Can be retrofitted to any existing sling product

Which slings can be ordered with FIELDID?

  • Rigger’s Choice® and all repaired third party chain slings (come standard at no extra cost)
  • UNI WEB® Slings (4” and over at NO extra charge)
  • Uni-Path® Round Slings
  • Twin-Path® Slings (come standard at no extra cost)
  • Gator-Flex® and Tri-Flex® (over 2” diameter at no extra cost)
  • Standard Uni-Loc® wire rope slings and bridle assemblies
  • Selected hardware and fittings, ask for details

What are the extra costs, if any?

Many of our slings are already equipped with FieldID at NO extra cost (see above), for all others we charge:

$ 9.20 for all synthetic slings
$ 15.00 for all other slings and selected hardware

For database set up and management we charge a nominal access fee. Ask for details.