Abrasion and Cut Protection

All synthetic slings must be protected from being accidentally cut by sharp edges at the load or the hook up points.

There two very different protection types available:


This is to protect the sling from abrasion against rough surfaces (load or otherwise)


This is to protect the sling from being cut by a sharp edge. The degree of protection varies with the sling, actual protector chosen, and sharpness of the edge itself.

Twin-Path® Lifting Slings in action with hydraulic jack systems.

Maintenance and repair staff are using Twin-Path® slings because of light weight, easy handling, versatility, and simple effective inspection criteria.

Twin-Path® Slings used in a basket hitch configuration.

Lifting and handling of decommissioned Trojan Nuclear Reactor owned by Portland General Electric. Twin-Path® Lifting Slings were used to lift this 1000 ton reactor on- and off a barge before it was placed in it’s final burial site on the Hanford Nuclear Reservation in the State of Washington. This 1000 tons lift is to believed the largest lift ever made with synthetic slings.