Protec Ballistic™ or Covermax® Sling Edge & Body Protection

Protects the entire Uni-Web™ sling, not only the edges. The Covermax® or Protec Ballistic™ material is sewn onto the sling body to protect from dirt, abrasion, rough loads, etc. These extra layers will wear out first and extend the lifetime of your sling. Covermax® is not as cutresistant as Protec Ballistic™ but less expensive. Both materials increase the sling width and thickness only marginally.

UNI-WEB® Single & Double Ply
For Sling width inch Stock Code No. Ballistic Stock Code No. Covermax®
1 WP-B-901-B WP-CX-901-B
2 WP-B-902-B WP-CX-902-B
3 WP-B-903-B WP-CX-903-B
4 WP-B-904-B WP-CX-904-B
6 WP-B-906-B WP-CX-906-B
8 WP-B-908-B WP-CX-908-B
10 WP-B-910-B
12 WP-B-912-B

Protec Ballistic™ Complete Sling Body Armour

We can also cover the entire sling, including the eye, with Protec Ballistic™ material. It makes the sling more stiff but adds a abrasion resistance. It also allows the sling to be ‘pushed’ without buckling under it’s own weight.
Protec Ballistic™ is sewn onto the sling body and can not be removed.

Protec Ballistic™ Complete Sling Body Armour
For Uni-Web® 1 & 2 ply sling width inch Body Armour Product Code No. Eye Armour Product Code No.
1 WP-SC-01 WP-SE-01
2 WP-SC-02 WP-SE-02
3 WP-SC-03 WP-SE-03
4 WP-SC-04 WP-SE-04
6 WP-SC-06 WP-SE-06
8 WP-SC-08 WP-SE-08
10 WP-SC-10 WP-SE-10
12 WP-SC-12 WP-SE-12