CoverMax® WP-CX-xxx-E
Medium Duty Cordura full Sling Eye Protection (Cordura single cover)

Cordura 3/4 WP-CR-xxx-A
Heavy Duty rifled Cordura 3/4 Eye Protection

Cordura inside WP-CR-xxx-B
Heavy Duty rifled Cordura inside Eye Protection

Ballistic 3/4 WP-B-xxx-E
Sling Eye Protection

Leather inside WP-HL-xxx-E
Heavy 1/8” thick Leather inside Sling Eye Protection

UNI-WEB® Single & Double Ply
For Sling width
Item No.
Item No.
Cordura 3/4
Item No.
Cordura inside
Item No.
Ballistic 3/4
Item No.
Leather Inside (Leather may need special order)
1 WP-CX-901-E WP-CR-901-A WP-CR-901-B WP-B-901-E WP-HL-901-E
2 WP-CX-902-E WP-CR-902-A WP-CR-902-B WP-B-902-E WP-HL-902-E
3 WP-CX-903-E WP-CR-903-A WP-CR-903-B WP-B-903-E WP-HL-903-E
4 WP-CX-904-E WP-CR-904-A WP-CR-904-B WP-B-904-E WP-HL-904-E
6 WP-CX-906-E WP-CR-906-A WP-CR-906-B WP-B-906-E WP-HL-906-E
8 WP-CX-908-E WP-CR-908-A WP-CR-908-B WP-B-908-E WP-HL-908-E
10 WP-CR-910-B WP-B-910-E WP-HL-910-E
12 WP-CR-912-B WP-B-912-E WP-HL-912-E

Sling Eye and Body wrap

This is a custom made eye protection for a Twin-Path sling where the ‘eye’ of the sling needed to fit a specific sized collar. The body/eye protection is fully removable (NOT glued to the sling). Also, this type of protection reduces theTwin-Path® sling width to about 1/2 of it’s design size. Fully proof loaded and certified, no lifting capacity reduction.