main_endattachm_1The fabrication and attachment of wire rope end fittings onto a wire rope is a core competency of Unirope. Since the beginning of the 1960’s we have provided this service and have since gained second to none expertise and accumulated engineering experience. From a simple flemish eye splice which forms the basic of a lifting sling to complicated purpose design fittings for engineered lifting solutions: we are your partner.

main_endattachm_2Our fabrication shop is specifically designed to handle these tasks. Our wire rope department has a total of 11 rope swagers ranging from 35 up to 1500 tons capacity which enables us to swage fittings of up to a 2-1/2″ rope diameter, and to socket fittings of up 6″ rope diameter. Our processes comply to standards established by recognized fitting system provides (Crosby, OnePress) as well as international specifications like DIN 3092/3093/3088, ISO, and EN 13411. The manufacturing process at our plant is controlled by our ISO 9001 Quality System.

All of our UNI-LOC® swaged rope assembly products are manufactured in house. This enables us to provide small as well as large quantity production runs. No matter if you need just 1 only or 1000 assemblies, we make them right here at Unirope. Testing of our products is an integral part of providing such products. You require a reliable rope assembly that works for you over it’s entire life cycle. Unirope has invested in the most modern, most complete, and most purpose designed testing equipment in Canada. We do cycle test, proof and breaking strength tests, magnetic particle inspection, elongation tests, and if required we can even determine the modulus of elasticty of a particular length of wire rope.

So, if you want to do business with the experts, with the people ‘who know’, and with team players who rarely run out of innovative ideas, just give us a call … and don’t be surprised when you find out ‘that we know our ropes’!