Unirope provides Mobile Inspection and Load Testing Services throughout the Province of Ontario and in Quebec around the Montreal area.

Provincial Labour Laws and the resulting Health and Safety Acts require regular inspection of rigging and lifting equipment. Users have the choice of sending their rigging and lifting equipment to our facilities to have them inspected, proof tested and re-certified. However, even under the best of circumstances such equipment is taken out of operation for some time as it needs to be transported to- and from our plants. In many instances, this is a well accepted and a very practical solution and with some high capacity rigging equipment, remains the only option to apply a proof load of up to 600 tons at our stationary in-plant proof test machines.

But in many manufacturing operations users cannot afford to have their slings, shackles, plate clamps, eye bolts etc. out of service, even a short period of time.

So, instead of YOU coming to US we turned things around and WE will come to YOU. We have a full crew of qualified and certified rigging inspectors supported by 2 mobile test beds and support vehicles capable of testing up to 150,000 lbs (75 tons equivalent to a Proof Test load of a 35 ton shackle or a 1-1/4″ chain sling).

We come to your place and

  • take a full inventory of your rigging and lifting equipment (or verify against previous entered data)
  • enter this into our on-line database to which you have FULL access through any computer, laptop, tablet- or phone device connected to the internet,
  • inspect your equipment according to applicable standards (in most cases these are the ASME B3 series of Standards)
  • when possible complete required repairs on site,
  • attach a new capacity- and FIELDID tag to chain slings or attach a inspection tag, sticker or barlock
  • load the equipment to the applicable proof test tension (between 125% and 200% of Lifting Capacity, depending on equipment type and class)
  • enter the inspection results into the database,
  • enable you to print Test Certificates and have all inspection results readily available for the next Health- and Safety Inspection.

We will amaze you with our comprehensive service. Your worries and concerns about the safety and condition of your rigging and lifting equipment have just gone away!

Our Service Crew is fully trained in the inspection of all rigging products and most of them are certified to NCCCO. Cory Eskra, our Field Service Group Manager, is on the right side, Shawn Glofcheskie, Deputy Service Manager, is on the left side followed by Dylan, Mike, and Mike.
Our Fleet of Service trucks, two (2) of them have a 150,000 lbs (75 tons) test bed installed.

Our Mobile Test beds have a capacity of 150,000 lbs Proof Test, 22 ft usable length. This covers most industrial sized chain slings up to a chain diameter of 1-1/4″.

With an on board Diesel generator the units are self sufficient and can operate truly ‘in the field’. However, we also have provided plug-in capabilities to hook it up to your existing power grid.

Total weight of the rigs are about 10 tons and that includes spare parts, compressors, heaters, fans, and all required tools.

Your test data is captured via an electronic load cell into a lap-top- or hand held computer unit. This enables us to process FIELDID tags and send all test data via the internet to a remote server so you can have access to all test related information from your local computer. This test data is accessible via the internet using HTML language so NO additional software is required, just a password.

Mobile Unit -1- is a 35ft long trailer with a 150,000 lbs pull tester installed in it.
Mobile Unit -2- is a Freightliner truck also with a 150,000 lbs installed pull tester.

Calibrated to:


Enabled with:

Inspection System

Operated under:

EN ISO 9001-2000

In case you have no power for us we come with our own 20 KW Diesel generator, or rent one to keep us independent.
This is how the test bed looks (Mobile Unit -1-).
The Test Bed controls and displays are based on electronic loads cells interfaced with a custom made data acquisition software and integrated into our Asset Management system.
Of course, both units are fully calibrated and certified to ASTM E4 annually.
A typical day and set up when we inspect rigging products on a construction site.
Our customers are invited to witness what we are doing and we explain in detail what and why we perform inspections and re-certifications.
A couple of typical products we are inspecting, repairing, proof testing and which are being re-certified on-site right next to where you need them!
Typical chain sling proof testing. Our test equipment is capable to proof test up to 1-1/4″ chain. That is pretty heavy chain! This pictures shows a 1/2″ 2-leg chain sling.
A typical 1.5 ton construction class chain lever hoist is proof tested to meet Provincial standards.
Testing of a 35 ton shackle in our mobile test bed. We take special care that during the proof load the shackle does not get damaged or indented by supporting hardware.
We have a wire rope grip which allows us to proof test end connections of wire rope slings and load bearing end-fittings of crane wire rope.
Our test beds can be configured to test all kinds of different rigging equipment.
And, to no one’s surprise, of course we also test Twin-Path® slings as long as they fit our mobile tests beds. If not, well then we have the BIG ones at home with up to 1,200,000 lbs (yes, 600 tons) in Ontario, 200 tons in Quebec, and 250/150 tons in Alberta.
Here we test the function of the Fiber Optic Inspection System.
A Gripper® Wire Mesh Sling is proof loaded to double it’s capacity and immediately put back into service.
Testing and inspection of plate clamps right at your site. We are an authorized inspection facility for IP/Crosby, Renfroe, CM and Tigrip.
Inspection and re-testing of Polyester Round Slings.
Testing and inspection of swivel hoist rings. We carry a full set of metric and imperial thread attachments with us.
Proof testing of a RUD eye bolt.
Inspection, Proof Testing and re-certification of nylon and polyester web slings.
Our trucks carry a large inventory of rigging replacement parts with them so we can repair and certify at your facility and have you up and running without you having to run your operation with no rigging equipment.