Our ‘CornerMax®’ wear pad was developed for the toughest and most demanding lifting jobs using Twin-Path® Slings. We tested this pad to withstand a ‘very’ sharp corner to about 25,000 lbs per inch of sling width. Mind you, everything can be cut given enough pressure and force. But this pad is the ultimate development in synthetic sling protection. Easily attached with Velcro straps. Ask for a demonstration.

Lifting concrete bridge sections with CornerMax® Pads

88 ton Refinery Compressor with CornerMax™ Pads at Exxon Refinery
CornerMax™ Pad
Item No.
Sling width inch CornerMax™
approx. width inch
Weight approx. lbs
WP-CMP-02 1 & 2 5 1.00
WP-CMP-04 3 & 4 8 1.75
WP-CMP-06 5 & 6 10 2.75
WP-CMP-08 8 12 3.00
WP-CMP-10 10 14 4.50