Made from solid Nylon, these Magnetic Sling Protectors are only 1/7th the weight of steel. No tools are required since magnets allow for quick and easy attachment and removal. Best protection for sharp corners but WLL is limited to 12,500 lbs per inch of sling width (with full 90° sling surface contact). Can be used with Twin-Path®, Uni-Path®, Uni-Web®, Rigger’s Choice® chains and Uni-Loc® wire rope slings.
Available in four sizes: 6”, 9″, 12”, and 18” long with a contact surface diameter of 6”.

ULCP Protectors help to lift a large bridge section in place using Twin-Path® slings

Application principle of the Unirope ULCP Corner Protector

Assortment of ULCP Regular Style Corner Protectors

Inside curved models available for coil lifting with Twin-Path®, Uni-Web®, Rigger’s Choice® chain slings, or Uni-Path® roundslings.

Lifting of an entire mobile crane with Twin-Path® slings and ULCP Corner Protectors.
Curved Coiled Core Protector

Flat Side Protector
Length inches Regular Style 90° straight corner Part No. Length inches Heavy Duty Style 270° straight corner Part No. Length inches 6″ For Coil Lifting Part No.
6 WP-CP-NYT-06 Curved Coil Core Protector WP-CP-NYTCC-06
9 WP-CP-NYT-09 9 WP-CP-NYTHD-09 Flat Side Protector WP-CP-NYTHR-12
12 WP-CP-NYT-12 12 WP-CP-NYTHD-12
18 WP-CP-NYT-18 18 WP-CP-NYTHD-18