If you have a demand for large capacity wire rope lifting slings there is nothing that can beat our Gator-Flex® Slings. Gator-Flex® are the most flexible slings on the market with more than 2000 individual wires. We have made hundreds of them already and the manufacturing process is like a well oiled machine. We have made sizes ranging from 1/2" diameter to a whopping 7-1/2" diameter. We can do up to 10"! Anybody wants to challenge us with such an order?

4 new 5" diameter Gator-Flex® slings waiting to be shipped. Each sling has a capacity of 122 tons @ DF 5:1   Tell-Tuck splices are easy to inspect. Nothing hidden, no sleeves, as simple as it can get!
Every Gator-Flex® sling is clearly marked as recommended by all safety authorities
with capacity at all 3 hitch types, diameter, manufacturer, and optional serial number.