The oil rigg EirikRaude is the most modern semi-submersible built to date. It is a Bingo 9000 fifth generation drilling unit, designed for deepwater and harsh environment operations. The unit is designed for operations in up to 3000 m (9,800 ft) water depth, in a dynamic positioned mode, Class 3. The Bingo 9000 design will be capable of reducing well construction time by approximately 15% compared with fourth generation drilling units. Special consideration has also been given to creating a safe work environment and a low emission unit. The Eirik Raude is fully winterized for year round operating offshore Canada and offshore Northern Norway.
Some of the rigging hardware used to perform this lift.   The main draw works for Eirik Raude tested to 1085 tons with Twin-Path® Extra slings provided by CFM and manufactured by Unirope in Mississauga, Canada.
Main draw works which was load tested to 1085 tons by hoisting up a barge.