This single 703,000 lb (351 Tons) lift of structural steel using Twin-Path® Extra Slings with CornerMax® Pads and Shackle Pin Pads for protection, established a new record. This is the heaviest lift using High Performance Synthetic Slings and Synthetic Pads. The patented products involved are SLINGMAX® Solutions sold by the Lorton, Virginia plant of SLINGMAX. The work was performed by Pinnacle Erectors of Pinnacle, North Carolina using ten cranes supplied by W. O. Grubb, Inc.

The job site was the Dulles International Airport outside of Washington, DC and the structure erected is an airplane hanger roof support. The dimensions of the steel lifted in one piece were 50 meter (165′) wide by 61.5 meters (202′) long. The area of steel is approximately 75% of a football field. The entire structure was fabricated on the ground for safety and ease of assembly.

The Twin-Path® Extra slings consisted of the following:
6- TPXC 12,500 x 35′ with K-Spec® Core Yarn
6- TPXC 12,500 x 15′ with K-Spec® Core Yarn
8- TPXC 7,000 x 35′ with K-Spec® Core Yarn
1- TPXC 7,000 x 15′ with K-Spec® Core Yarn
1- TPXC 5,000 x 14′ with K-Spec® Core Yarn

In addtion 70 CornerMax® Pads were supplied to ensure correct use of the sling and to prevent any sling damage during this lift.

Also, 6 Shackle Pin pads to fit 85 ton shackles were provided.

The edges of the heavy steel beams would normally preclude the use of synthetic slings because of the danger associated with cutting. However, the miracle of the CornerMax® Product that softens contact and the lightweight but strong Twin-Path® Extra slings enable the workers to perform their rigging tasks quickly and safely.

The heaviest Twin-Path® Extra slings weighed 100 lbs replacing wire rope slings that would have weighed 745 lbs. Total rigging weight was reduced by 10,000 lbs using the SLINGMAX® Innovations instead of traditional steel products. Wire rope slings would have required several days to connect, many extra workers, and at least one extra crane.

Connection of the Twin-Path® Extra slings, and CornerMax® Pads to lift the load required six people working for three hours. Two Pinnacle Riggers worked each side of the load with our Virginia SLINGMAX® Product advisors, Selina Kochel and Pauline Scites.

This project is an example of a rigging ballet made possible by the coordinated efforts of the people involved to synchronize the rigging and movement of the ten cranes. Everyone involved should be proud of this accomplishment.

Everyone should realize this is a novel and futuristic way to construct large areas of steel structure on the ground and then lift the entire assembly into place. This operation required patented, trademarked, and proprietary
products only available from UNIROPE/SLINGMAX® Solutions:
Twin-Path® Extra Slings
Fiber Optic Inspection System
CornerMax® Pads
Shackle Pin Pads
K-Spec® Core Yarn
Covermax® Covers

700,000 lbs of steel, 10 crane lift done by Pinnacle Inc. with Twin-Path® Extra Slings fitted with CornerMax® Protector Pads
It just happened that is was bone chilling cold and it started to snow when rigging the slings to the beams.
Connection of the Twin-Path® Extra slings, and CornerMax® Pads to lift the load required six people working for three hours.
Virginia location SlingMax® Product advisor Selina Kochel gets a hug after a job well done.
Every little bit of rigging time saved in these conditions was highly appreciated!