Heavy Construction- and Rigging Jobs Gator-Flex® and Gator Laid®

These sling are the most flexible slings on the market AND they arethe slings which can be manufactured with the highest capacities available. The sling body construction ensures the greatest level of even load distribution making this 9-part Gator® construction the most strength efficient sling on the market.

Because of it’s extreme flexibility Gator-Flex® has virtually replaced all standard 6-strand high capacity wire rope slings. The advantages are just too obvious to overlook and anyone who has ever handled a 2” or 3” diameter standard 6-strand wire rope sling can attest of how much a brutal task it is to rigg such stiff and cumbersome slings. Gator-Flex®, on the other hand, makes rigging and handling of such heavy high capacity slings a much easier and much less time consuming job. Gator-Flex® is much less prone to kinking, can be stored in much tighter spaces, and can be transported much easier.

The small diameter Gator-Flex® slings are loved by all maintenance crews because of their versatile and easy handling characteristics.

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