Polymagnets® are multi-pole encoded magnets that contain small magnetic elements called maxels. Polymagnets® can produce superior attachment forces, safer magnets, precision alignment, shear and torque stiffness, and complex, multi-level/multi-force control on a scale that has not been achieved with traditional magnets.

Polymagnet® technology leverages the attraction and repel forces of magnetism, exploiting the idea of controlled cancelation or interaction of these forces in space. The arrangement or pattern of maxels creates a unique magnetic circuit that defines the function of the Polymagnet® device and its interaction with other magnets or ferrous metals.

IMI’s Polymagnet® MagPrinter® allows encoding of polarity patterns into a magnet and can be tailord to meet your specific application requirements, allowing for:

  • Magnets with unique functions
  • Multiple forces per magnetic surface
  • Stronger forces – especially on the magnet face
  • Control the “reach” and “shape” of the magnetic field

Polymagnet® Catalog

  • Max-Attach® Polymagnets®
  • Alignment Polymagnets®
  • Latch Polymagnets®
  • Spring Polymagnets®

Polymagnet® Demo Kits

  • Small Demo Kit
  • Large Demo Kit

Fun with Polymagnets®

  • Polymagnet® Concepts and Ideas