Industrial Magnetics, Inc.’s Automation and Conveying Team provides innovative solutions to companies interested in magnetically conveying ferrous metal parts, lids and containers, as well as standard and custom engineered solutions for a wide variety of stacking, destacking, lifting, transferring, conveying, tooling & separating applications.

Our magnets for Automation are available in either permanent magnet or electro magnet configurations, and for manual or automated / robotic applications.

End-Of-Arm Tooling

  • Transporter® LP
  • Transporter® Cylinder Actuated Magnets
  • Transporter® MagVac
  • Transporter® Permatrol®
  • Permatrols® & Perm-Electro Hybrids

Lift Systems For Moving Metal

  • Magnetic Sheet Lifters
  • Magnetic Tube Lifters
  • Palletizers/Depalletizers
  • Vacuum Lift Systems
  • Gorbel Lifts
  • Steel Billet Lifter

Electromagnets and Power Supplies

  • Round Electromagnet
  • Rectangular Electromagnet
  • Parallel Pole Electromagnet
  • Electromagnet Power Supplies

Magnetizers and Demagnetizers

  • Surface Type Demagnetizer
  • Magnetizer/Demagnetizer
  • Loop Type Demagnetizers

Sheet Fanners For Separation

  • Permanent Magnetic Sheet Fanners
  • Magnetic SheetSeeker®
  • Air Cylinder Sheet Fanners
  • Air Knife Fanners
  • Air Spring Sheet Fanners
  • Electromagnetic Sheet Fanners
  • Magnetic PinFanners™

Magnetic Conveying Rail

  • Skate Rail
  • Electromagnetic Rail
  • Perm-Electro Hybrid Rail

Conveyor Systems & Non-Magnetic Conveying

  • Can Conveying
  • Low Profile Conveyors
  • Transfer Conveyors