Main Applications

Used in smaller sizes (up to 13 mm) as hoist rope on European electric hoists and overhead cranes.

Rope Characteristics

Typical Euopean style variation of the the same ‘old’ 19x7/19x19 theme of rope types. Main difference is the number of inner support strands, 12 vs 7, which are said to increase rotational properties. This ropes is made in lang lay for better sheave-to-strand support. Risk of undetected inner core rope failures.

It is much critical to inspect these rope on a regular basis. Immediately remove such ropes if you detect a difference in diameter between the working section and the the part in front of the wedge socket or safety drum wraps.


Made to OEM Specifications.

24x7 ropes are ROTATION RESISTANT but NOT non-rotating.
Selected sizes are available in right lang lay (RLL) AND left lang lay (LLL) to be used in pairs to prevent block twisting and damage due to incorrect drum groove match. DO NOT replace just one rope, always replace the complete set of both lay directions.