Main Applications

Compac® 6 is recommended for heavy use or where conditions are abusive and/or abrasive. Overhead cranes, crawler cranes, lattice boom cranes, truck crane rope, multipart hoist lines where rotation resistant ropes are NOT required. Because of it's very good crush resistance 6-strand COMPAC® is particularly recommended for use on multi-layer drum application.

Rope Characteristics

Hi-Pac™ strand surface minimizes inter strand- and inter layer nicking that takes place in standard 6-strand ropes. The COMPAC® design provides excellent abrasion and crush resistance. Abrasion resistance is enhanced because of the increased wire and strand surfaces contacting sheaves and drums. When used in multilayer drum winding operations COMPAC® greatly reduces damage at the crossover points from one rope wrap to the next.


ASTM 1023/A 1023M, Table 29

Compac® 6 type ropes are NOT rotation resistant or non-rotating.


Breaking Strengths

Note: The maximum CAPACITY, WORKING LOAD LIMIT (WLL), or LINE PULL of the rope usually is 1/5 of the below stated values. For specific information consult the standards applicable to your rope application.

Compac® 636
Rope dia. inch Lay direction Nominal Strength tons of 2,000 lbs – EIPS Weight per foot lbs.
1/2 right 15.1 0.54
9/16 right 18.3 0.68
5/8 right 22.7 0.84
3/4 right 32.4 1.21
7/8 right 43.8 1.65
1 right 56.9 2.15
1-1/8 right 71.5 2.73
1-1/4 right 87.9 3.37
1-3/8 right 106.0 4.07
1-1/2 right 125.0 4.85


Compac® 636 Compacted HiPac™ Wire Rope with Steel Core

6×36 Warrington-Seale, bright, EIPS, RRL

Recommended for heavy use or where conditions require a crush resistant rope for multilayer drums.

Used as main hoist and boom hoist rope on mobile, tower and crawler cranes, and as main and auxiliary load line on overhead cranes.