Main Applications

Main- and auxiliary hoist line on mobile-, truck-, and luffing jib tower cranes. Often used as a single point line.


Because of the inherent design characteristic flaws (no matter who produces the rope) Unirope does NOT recommended the use of this rope type.

Rope Characteristics

8x19 Spin Resistant in essence is a regular 8-strand rope but with the core twisted in the opposite direction. Although this provides some degree of a spin-resistant feature, the draw back is that the small inner core can not compensate for the torque created by the large outer strands. The result is that this rope rotates around itself constantly twisting and torquing the inner core.

To make things even worse: The inner strands cross under the outer strands at a severe angle. At these cross over points severe notching takes place causing the rope to break up from the inside.

However, the most important drawback is that when the rope is used with one end allowed to rotate (single line application) or with one end attached to a swivel the breaking strength WILL drop by between 35% to 50%! We don't think that this is anywhere near to be described as a 'safe' use of wire rope.

But, it's YOUR call. We know our competitors are selling this rope to you and we are not living on an island in fantasy land unaffected by reality. If you WANT it we will get it for you.

8x19 Spin Resistant is NOT rotation resistant or non-rotating.

Imperial 8x19 Spin Resistant, EIPS, RRL
Nominal Strength tons of 2,000 lbs
Rope dia. inch IPS EIPS Weight per foot lbs
1/2 10.2 11.7 0.47
9/16 12.8 14.7 0.60
5/8 15.7 18.1 0.73
3/4 22.6 25.9 1.06
7/8 30.5 35.0 1.44
1 39.6 45.5 1.88
1-1/8 49.8 57.3 2.39
1-1/4 61.3 70.5 2.94
1-3/8 73.8 84.9 3.56
1-1/2 87.3 100.0 4.24