Main Applications

Used in smaller sizes (up to 10 mm) as hoist rope on low capacity electric hoists. We stock this type from 5 mm upwards.

Larger sizes are used on truck- and mobile cranes.

Rope Characteristics

Main difference between both types are the number of outer strands: 19x7 has 12 while 18x7 has just 11. In pactice this difference is neglectable; European ropes tend to be of the 18x7 type having 11 outer strands.

Using the rope to it’s maximum fatigue life will cause the rope to deteriorate from the inside out. Sudden rope failures may be the result. There have been fatal and catastrophic accidents involving this rope construction because of undetected inner rope fatigue.

It is much critical to inspect these rope on a regular basis. Immediately remove such ropes if you detect a difference in diameter between the working section and the the part in front of the wedge socket or safety drum wraps.


ASTM A1023/A 1023/M
CSA G4-00
DIN 3069
ISO 2408

18x7 and 19x7 ropes are ROTATION RESISTANT but NOT non-rotating.