Main Applications

Upgraded overhead crane hoisting rope with improved fatigue resistance and higher strength.

Rope Characteristics

DoPar® construction eliminates strand-to-strand cross overs thus reducing the risk of undetected inner rope failures. Secondly, the DoPar® lay increases the metallic fill-factor resulting in a higher strength rope.

All 8-strand constructions, and specifically all DoPar® types, require proper sheave- and drum groove dimensions. Undersized and/or worn sheaves will immediately result in rope deformations, waviness, or high strands. These ropes require extra care during installation (no reverse bend spooling).


Made to OEM Specifications.

These 8-strand rope types are NOT spin/rotation resistant or non-rotating.
Selected sizes are available in right regular lay (RRL) AND left regular lay (LRL) to be used in pairs to prevent block twisting and damage due to incorrect drum groove match. DO NOT replace just one rope, always replace the complete set of both lay directions.