Lifting Practices Checklist:

  • FIND out load weight before lifting.
  • LOWER working load limit if there may be severe impact.
  • BALANCE the load to avoid overstress on one sling leg or the load slipping free.
  • PAD sharp corner to prevent bending links.
  • REPLACE broken safety latches.
  • REDUCE the chain capacity when using chain in temperatures above 425°C (800°F).
  • KEEP hands and fingers from between load and chain.
  • STORE chain slings on racks in designated areas.
  • DO NOT JERK the load when lifting or lowering the sling. This increases the actual stress on the sling.
  • DO NOT DRAG the sling.
  • DO NOT SPLICE the sling by inserting a bolt between two links.
  • DO NOT TRY TO REPAIR the sling unless you are properly trained. Use only original spare parts.
  • DO NOT SHORTEN the sling with knots.
  • DO NOT FORCE a hook over a link.
  • DO NOT USE homemade connections. Use only attachments designed for the chain.




Loss of Strength over Corners



Percentage of basket sling rated load, based on D/d ratio
D/d % Rated Load
Less than 2 Not recommended
2 60
3 70
4 80
5 90
6 and above 100