Except for non-rotating ropes EVERY regular type 6-, 8-, 9-, or 10 strand, Tri-Flex® and Gator-Flex® sling rope has the tendency to UNWIND if used in a straight lift, or if a LOAD BEARING swivel (rotates under load) is attached to their ends.

Note: This may not apply to load POSITIONING swivels and load POSITIONING swivel hooks, e.g. Crosby type 401-403 and 322, which are not supposed to rotate under load.

A condition as shown on the right will cause the load to rotate and slowly unlay the sling strands resulting in an unpredictable strength loss of the sling.

ANYTIME a load is lifted beyond arm’s reach with a single part load line or a single leg wire rope sling, use a tagline to prevent load rotation.

This basic principle also applies to concrete bucket lifts. The fact that you may have “always” done it like that doesn’t make it right nor does the problem “go away”.