Choker Hitch configurations affect the WLL of a sling. This is because the sling leg or body is passed around the load, through one end attachment or eye and is suspended by the other end attachments or eye.

The contact of the sling body with the end attachment or eye causes a loss of sling strength at the choke point. When the load is hanging free, and the choke is not forced down towards the load, the normal choke angle is about 135 degree. When the angle is less than 135 degree the WLL of the sling must be down-rated.

In some trades it became practice to use 2 slings in a choker configuration at less than 30 degrees with the choke points facing each other. Although it makes a nice “tight” choke around pipes and bundles of steel, remember that this practice reduces your sling capacity by more than 50%!

Reduction of CHOKER Sling Capacity (WLL)