Use additional single leg slings to wrap around the load. If they get damaged they are less costly to replace.     If you lift an off-center load the sling leg can be fitted with a turnbuckle to level the load. Instead of a turnbuckle you may use a come-along but be sure the capacity fits the job.
  When lifting pipes make sure you do it with the right hooks. Point loading the hook tips only may result in bent hooks.  

Are all sling legs loaded equally?

The load in 3- and 4-leg slings may only be supported by 2 legs while the others are only balancing the load. Unequal length sling legs may be one reason, off-center or buckling loads another. YOU, the user, must evaluate each lift taking into consideration the type of load, and the type of sling. Same capacity sling legs will stretch unequally if loaded unequally.
All wire rope sling capacity tables (e.g. in ASTM B30.9 and Wire Rope Users Manual) consider ALL legs sharing EQUAL loads.


Secure those legs

They can get stuck under another piece of equipment causing severe overload of the crane or hoist, or someone may trip over them. Do not lift when loose equipment is not secured.