US Patent # 5,651,572 Canadian Patent # 7,926,859

The Twin-Path® Adjustable Bridle is the ultimate multiple use rigging tool. It can be used in applications where a standard two-leg or four leg bridle is used with the added advantage of self-adjustment to awkward loads. The Twin-Path® Adjustable Bridle self-adjusts over the center of gravity (COG) to find the lifting point. The Twin-Path® Adjustable Bridle can also be used as a complete rigging tool for choker, vertical, or basket hitches. The use of two or more Twin-Path® Adjustable Bridles facilitates lifts with multiple lifting points.
Can be used down to an horizontal angle of 45°. All Twin-Path® Adjustable Bridles are made with a CoverMax® cover.


Adjustable with Covermax® Cover
Adjustable Ring Dimensions (inch)  
Twin-Path® Adjustable with Covermax
Stock No.
Approx. width when flat (inch) 2-leg Bridle Sling Capacity 90° to 45° horz. angle (lbs.) Ring Stock Diameter Main Hook area (width) Ring area (length) Nominal
Web Shackle
Shackle WLL (tons.)
TPAC 6 4 6,000 1/2 2-1/2 2-1/2 5/8 3.25
TPXAC 12 5 12,000 3/4 3 3 7/8 6.50
TPXAC 20 5 20,000 1 4 4 1-1/4 12.00
TPXAC 40 6 40,000 1-1/2 5-1/4 5-1/4 1-3/4 25.00
TPXAC 60 6 60,000 2 7 7 2 35.00
TPXAC 90 6 90,000 2-1/4 8 8 2-1/4 55.00

RFID Tag Included


The Twin-Path® Adjustable Bridle has a double leg for the heavy side of the load and a single leg on the lighter side.

See the Adjustable Bridle Product Manual for more information.

If the lifting points are an equal distance from the center of gravity, then the Twin-Path® Adjustable Bridle can be hooked up with the double or single leg on either lifting point.

If the lifting points are an equal distance on either side of the center of gravity, then the double leg should be attached to the higher lifting point.

If one of the lifting points is closer to the center of gravity, then attach the double leg to this lifting point. It will have the highest weight concentration. If the Twin- Path® Adjustable Bridle is attached so that the single leg is nearest the center of gravity, the lift cannot be made.

The Twin-Path® Adjustable Bridle should be used where the double leg horizontal angle is greater than 45º. Always connect above the center of gravity. If connections are made below the center of gravity, then the load may turn while lifted.


Sling can fail if damaged, misused or overloaded. Inspect before use. Damaged sling shall not be used. Use only if trained. Do not exceed rated capacity. Protect sling from being cut by load edges, corners, protrusions and abrasive surfaces. Avoid exposure to acid, alkali and temperature over 80°C. DEATH or INJURY can occur from improper use or maintenance.