You may already use so called ‘swivel’ hooks. But did you know that ‘standard’ swivel hooks do NOT swivel when loaded? These hooks do NOT have a thrust bearing but the load nut sits directly on the hook support. This allows the user to just ‘position’ the hook into the correct load direction by turning it by hand when NOT loaded. Once loaded, the hook is locked into that position. These ‘Standard’ swivel hooks are not designed to rotate under load. Any forceful introduced rotational torque can damage the hook and put the sling out of service.

Unirope’s Thrust Bearing Swivel Self Locking Hooks are designed to rotate when loaded (to exactly position the load) and will not allow any chain twist to be transferred to the load.

They are available from stock for alloy lifting chain sizes from 7/32” (5.5 mm) up to 1” (26 mm).

Note that any type or style of Thrust Bearing Swivel Hooks are NOT allowed to be used with standard wire rope slings; they would unlay the rope when loaded.

EACH hook is PROOF LOADED and a test certificate is issued and available through our web-based Asset Management System.