Product Features

  • New, compact & rugged design holds up to the work environment where barriers are used.
  • Handles concrete barriers from 6” – 12” nominal width at the top of the barrier.
  • Stainless steel Auto-Latch.
  • Auto-Latch mounting insures proper alignment.
  • Locating assembly orientates tong on barrier without operator intervention and will pivot when grab is set on the ground.
  • Gripping pads pivot to conform with the load.
  • Replaceable polyurethane pads protect barrier.
  • Alloy steel dog-point pads bite into painted barrier surfaces (typical in coastal areas).
  • Centering guide cut out on grab shoe helps to properly center tong over barrier for a level lift.
  • Extended handles on each side keep operator away from load and can be adjusted as needed.
  • Lifting eye allows for easy hook attachment, self-centers rigging, and will accommodate a fork.

Barrier Lifting Grab
Video showing the Heavy Duty Barrier Grab in operation.

Product Specifications

Model BLG Specifications
Model numbers shown in green are part of our INSTOCK program.
Model Number Polyurethane Pads Steel "Dog Point" Pads Rated Capacity (lbs.) Weight (lbs.)
BLG-4.1/4 X  8500 550
BLG-7.1/4 X  14500 600
BLG-4.1/4-DP  X 8500 550
BLG-7.1/4-DP  X 14500 600