Product Features

  • Heavy-duty design to withstand rugged, high-cycle environments
  • Infinitely adjustable within range
  • Fully adjustable stainless steel Auto-Latch
  • Locating assembly orientates grab on load without operator intervention
  • Replaceable polyurethane pads protect load from lifter damage
  • Color-coded decal indicates to user the amount of travel remaining for each adjustment
  • Extended handles keep operator away from load and can be adjusted as needed
  • Optional hardened alloy steel dog points available
  • Lifting eye allows for easy hook attachment, self-centers rigging, and will accommodate a fork.
  • Designed and manufactured to ASME B30.20, BTH-1, service class 3.

NEW – Adjustable Lifting Grab
Adjustable Lifting Grab video shows grab lifting block, adjustment to a smaller size and lifting a barrier.

Product Specifications

Model ALG Specifactions
Model numbers shown in green are part of our INSTOCK program.
Model Number Rated Capacity (lbs.) A (in.) C (in.) Weight (lbs.)
ALG-3-3/24 6000 24 72.5 600
ALG-3-3/42 6000 42 90.5 650
ALG-3-3/60 6000 60 108.5 700